Renunciation of Bangladeshi Citizenship

If you want to renounce your Bangladeshi citizenship, please follow the list of requirements below:

a. Duly filled-in Application Form;
b. Photocopy of the valid passport of your current nationality;
c. Colour photograph: 1 (one) copy with white background;
d. Original copy of Bangladeshi passport/Dual Nationality Certificate/NID;

Fee: US$82.50

Mode of payment: Please pay to the “Consulate General  of Bangladesh, Los Angeles’’ by Money Order/Cashier's Check/Official Check (not older than 30 days). Cash or Personal check or Credit card is not accepted. Every application must be submitted with a separate money order or cashier's check or official check even if the applications belong to one family or group. 

NO REFUNDS: Fees once received, cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or service cannot be rendered.

How is the application processed?

After receiving the application as per requirements, we deliver to the applicant a 'To Whom It May Concern' letter on an official pad. The letter certifies that the applicant has renounced his or her Bangladeshi citizenship and surrendered his/her Bangladeshi Passport/Dual Nationality Certificate/National ID Card; and as such the matter of renunciation will be communicated to Security Services Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, Dhaka for further necessary action.

Walk-in service:

Submission of application: 9.30 am to 1 pm
Delivery (on the same day): 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Service by Mail: Applicants may send their application by mail (USPS only). If so, the applicant must provide a self-addressed return envelope (prepaid/with appropriate postage stamps) and tracking number of USPS Priority/Express Mail. Applicants belonging to same mailing address can send their applications together in one envelope and enclose one return envelope. The processing time in case of mail-in service is 3 (three) business days.

Mailing Address:

Consulate General  of Bangladesh

501 S Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

For further inquiry: