Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

As Covid-19 situation is currently at a much improved level worldwide, Security Services Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh vide its latest circular no. 58.00.0000., dated 17 May 2022 has removed all the restrictions on Visa on Arrival imposed during Covid-19 pandemic and restored the pre-Covid Visa on Arrival policy, subject to compliance with the Covid-19 protocol. Therefore, the pre-Covid circular no. 44.00.0000., dated 15 September 2016 is now in force. The provisions of the circular which are applicable to the US passport holders are mentioned below:

  1. Immigration authority at the international airports as well as land ports in Bangladesh, being satisfied upon scrutiny of the relevant documents, may issue visa on arrival to the US passport holders travelling to Bangladesh for official business or trade or investment or tourism.
  2. Foreign investors/business persons may be issued visa on arrival on the basis of a letter of invitation from the host organization as well as a certifying letter from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) or Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA). The host organization is required to inform the Department of Immigration and Passports as well as the immigration authority before the arrival of the concerned foreigners.
  3. Visa on Arrival may be issued to foreign citizens of Bangladeshi origin and their husband/wife/children on the basis of the proof of their Bangladeshi origin.
  4. The officers/officials of the foreign missions in Bangladesh as well as of the UN and its organizations may be issued visa on arrival if they can show satisfactory documents in support of their appointment or travel.
  5. Return air ticket must be shown.
  6. All travelers excluding the ones on official business must have a balance of at least USD 500.00 or equivalent foreign currency in cash or credit card.
  7. Visa on Arrival may be issued for a maximum of 30 (thirty) days' single entry.
  8. Visa on Arrival Fee has to be paid in cash in USD/Pound/Euro. Currently, the fee is USD 50.00 (fifty). UN passport holders are exempted from paying the fee.
  9. If the traveler is a member of defence or security force of a foreign country, prior permission from Security Services Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Bangladesh is required to issue visa on arrival.
  10. After the expiration of the visa on arrival, if deemed necessary, the concerned traveler may apply to the Department of Immigration & Passports, Dhaka for extension of the visa.

Immigration at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA), Dhaka

OC Immigration, HSIA: +8801320005902 (24/7 number)
Additional SP Immigration, HSIA: +8801320005376
Magistrate, HSIA: +8801304050603 (during office hours)

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